Q1. What do I need to do for you to start work?
A. For Contest Votes, You have to send us complete Instructions of required steps that we need to complete a vote. For app vote contest, We only need URL of your entry so that we can start your order. You can send us the URL after payment.
Q2. How do I send you the Instructions/URL?
A. Once you have made the payment you can send us the Instructions/URL by contacting us. or sending us an email at contact@buybulkvotes.com We will also email you to confirm your order and ask for your Instructions/UR to begin the campaign.
Q3. How long will it take to complete my order?
A. Delivery time varies on the service you have ordered and package you have selected. For Contest Votes, You can check it in the item pricing table by clicking here. If your contest deadline is near and you need urgent votes then we request you to ping us on live chat if we are available. If we are not available on live chat then please leave us an email: contact@buybulkvotes.com We will reply you quickly as soon as we see your email.
Q4. Do you provide any guarantee to make me winner of the contest?
A. NO, We do not provide guarantee that you will win the contest. We will simply deliver you the committed quantity on package ordered. You need to make your own calculations that how many & in how much time you would require the votes/likes to win the contest. So we are not responsible whether you lose or win in anyway.
Q5. If I get disqualified from contest for purchasing likes/votes then will I get refund?
A. No, We will not be responsible whether you get disqualified, lose or win in anyway as it would be your decision to buy likes/votes. We will simply deliver you the committed quantity on package ordered. We don’t get share in the prizes won by our customers, similarly we will not be responsible for sharing any loss caused to our customers. But we deliver all the votes safely by using Unique IP’s and we take all the required measures to make to vote as realistic as possible.
Q6. What if my votes get deleted after you complete my order?
A. If your order was completed by our team and your votes get decreased/deleted later on then we will not be responsible for it as we did our job with hard work and we don’t take our votes back, there must be some problem with your contest organizers. We suggest you to contact them for the same. So we can’t issue refund or deliver votes again unless you place a new order with us as it will require the same amount of effort.
Q7. Will the Votes be from Unique IP Addresses?
A. Yes, We deliver all the votes from Unique IP’s. So you don’t need to worry about that.
Q8. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept PayPal payments only
Q9. Where is your company based in?
A. Our company is based in United States and our Operation unit is based in India, China & Bangladesh.
Q10. Will I receive an email when I place the order and when my order gets completed?
A. Yes, We try our best to send you an email when we receive your order and also when your order gets completed. But it’s not guaranteed, sometimes emails might get missed due to heavy workload but your order will still be processed. Please note it might take 12-24 hours for us to send you email after you make payment or after your order is completed.
Q11. Why do I trust you guys?
A. We are a professional company who believes in 100% customer satisfaction and building long term relations with our customers. We are delivering likes/votes from past 4 years. You will always receive what you pay for. So You don’t need to worry at all when you choose us.
Q12. Does your service works only for Facebook contests?
A. No, We can do votes on almost all type of online contest which require sign up via email etc..
Q13. Can I get votes on multiple entries in single order?
A. We accept only 1 entry per order. If you need votes on more entries then you will need to place separate orders for separate entries. So in 1 order you can provide us with any 1 entry on which you need votes and we will get started on your order.
Q14. Is it possible to upgrade the package by paying the difference between previously ordered and required package?
A. Unfortunately, It’s not possible to upgrade the packages once the order has been placed. If you need more votes then you will need to place new order of the required package.

For any more questions you can contact us at:- contact@buybulkvotes.com

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